Thursday 7 January 2021

India’s digital economy: How online matka became a new growth driver for the citizens

India with a population of over 135.26 crores of the population faced difficult times like every other country during the pandemic. Though the pandemic isn’t over yet the first trimester of covid-19 had a huge impact on many businesses and the overall countries economy. Many of the people lost their source of income, some became homeless, and some had to start fresh. This was the time when most of the people are at home and it’s just their mobile phones and laptops that help their anxious minds. That when people found a way to generate a digital economy through playing online Matka. The online Matka app is an app that has successfully helped a lot of people and brought a significant change that helped people shape their economic conditions.

From the place where it all started.

The start was the lockdown when people were sitting at home and their salary was cut off and they had limited sources of income. That was the time when Satta Matka apps were the answer to all of the problems. Satta Matka app offers a lot of games that give out real cash prizes to the winners. This encouraged people to spend time on this app and play this game. The games in this app are easy to understand and easy to play and that made things even more convenient. The revolution of e-gaming apps did come due to the covid situation but the apps line online Matka app is more favored as here the player can earn money. Research says that in 2020 the games got 78% of new followers and the betting percentage increased drastically than before. This concludes that everyone wants to move forward and find a new source of money and this app gave them just that.

How earning money through the online Matka app paved the way to India’s digital economy?

People played Matka online for a very long time and loved the game as it is. The game has several markets like Kalyan, Milan, Balaji, Sridevi, main ratan, and many more. These markets have sub-games like single, Jodi, Panna, and Sangam. Players can bet on any number and win money through these games. As the Satta Matka app displays results throughout the day this gives players a chance to win and make a lot of money. This entire process can be done by simply sitting in the comfort of your own home. You can deposit money through net banking, play, win, and the money will be automatically transferred to your account. This made people bet more and play more. And that’s how the online Matka app became a source of income for many. This made the scenario of Indian’s digital economy different. Not only people from the age group of 28-56 were playing this game but as it became online people aged below 25 were also interested. Furthermore, the app introduced casino games like dragon tiger, roulette, baccarat, andar bahar that gave a new look to the old Satta Matka apps. This enabled people from all age groups to earn more and play more.

The future of India’s digital economy.

Online money earning sources are the future of India’s economy. This is said because people are more inclined for working from home. They want to feel secure and work for themselves. The digitization online Matka app has provided millions of opportunities for generating an income source. When people play Matka online they win money but there are ways when people can earn money without even playing. One of the best options for this is giving out Satta guessings, maintaining social media platform by giving out informational news about the gambling industry. This has made the players efficient to make a living out of it and they are liked and praised by many.

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